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Specialized care that drastically improves wellbeing and performance

Provide your employees with the one mental health benefit that helps them find balance in every aspect of their life. Agave partners enjoy immediate access, tangible mental health outcomes, and lower costs.

Across the country, employees are lacking proper support

While employers spend on comorbidities of executive function challenges, ADHD is overlooked, and employees struggle alone.

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200% Growth

in employees who report struggling with ADHD


of those diagnosed with anxiety have undiagnosed ADHD

Only 1 in 5

with ADHD are diagnosed and treated

Meanwhile, employers bear heavy consequences

Executive function challenges affect individuals across the ADHD spectrum, from the most acute diagnosable cases, to the seasonal challenges connected to life events or today’s fast-paced and distraction-filled environment.

+22 days

missed every year, compared to neurotypical employees

$50b every year

in lost productivity across US employers


more likely to switch jobs compared to neurotypical employees


Video sessions with
a personal coach

In-app Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy

Video Chat.png

Unlimited chat
between sessions


Community and
peer-to-peer support


Support your employees like never before, with Agave

Our evidence-based care model gives personalized care that addresses every aspect of executive function challenges, at any level of severity.

Guidelines developed by medical advisors from:

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Members experience significant relief in only 6 weeks, and keep engaging over time as they keep building a more balanced life, with the support of the Agave Care Team. Together, they increase their personal wellbeing and professional performance.

Make a significant and measurable impact in every single employee’s life...

31% decrease in symptoms severity in only 6 weeks


Time Management

Focus & Attention

Emotional Regulation

9 in 5

apply tools learned in CBT programs on a daily basis


experience better balance following CBT programs

... while spending less, and more efficiently

What our members say

I have benefitted so much from my Agave coach's advice and tips. ADHD is a daily struggle but since joining Agave days have been so much easier. It's not as hard to take care of myself now.


I am so grateful for my Agave coach taking the time to listen to me. It makes me feel seen and like my concerns are valid. I am grateful to have someone understand me.


It is so reassuring to have my Agave coach by my side. Honestly, I think I'm the most balanced right now than I can ever remember being.


My partner doesn't struggle with ADHD and doesn't grasp how much the subsequent executive dysfunction affects my life. With medication not bringing the "aha" moment I hoped for, you have no idea how much the Agave help means to me.



Read the latest research on ADHD and neurodiversity in the workplace.

White Papers & Research

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Join other forward-thinking employers and invest in proactive executive function care today.

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