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Meet The Coaches: Britt Sulkin

Meet Britt Sulkin, ADHD Coach at Agave Health! Learn more about her background, what inspires her and how she helps countless adults with ADHD find their uniqueness and thrive.

April 2023, Agave Health Team

How long have you been an ADHD Coach?

I've been an ADHD coach for 3 years now. I started out as an ontological life coach and very quickly moved into working with my community.

What has been your personal experience with ADHD?

ADHD has touched every single facet of my life. I find it hard to say which parts of my life are most affected, because ADHD feels hard to "peel away" from my identity. Is that all I am? Absolutely not. But it's like a pair of glasses that colors how I see and interact with the world. As frustrating as ADHD can sometimes be, I would not trade my energy, creativity, or intuition for the world.

Why did you become an ADHD Coach?

I became an ADHD Coach because I ended up needing to tweak all of the "traditional" coaching tools I had learned in coach training to suit my neurodivergent brain. My personal tweaks ended up working for my clients as well - no surprise there, us ADHDers tend to flock together. As I connected more with my community online, I realized that there was a need for more ADHD support in the world. I decided to stop flirting with the idea of "being the coach who gets ADHD" to fully serving my community as an ADHD Coach. I am so glad I made that choice. I have one of the best jobs in the world.

It's powerful to have someone in your corner to validate and even celebrate your experience. I have one of the best jobs in the world.

Why do you think ADHD Coaching helps people with ADHD?

Well, for one, I think there is something incredibly healing about having someone in your corner who "gets it" - someone who isn't going to yell at you when you're late or who is understanding when you trail off in your own thoughts. It's powerful to have someone in your corner to validate and even celebrate your experience.

Furthermore a coach provides an added layer of accountability, helps you uncover your inner strengths, and shines light on areas you may be overlooking.

What is the biggest misconception about adult ADHD in your opinion?

One of the biggest misconceptions about adult ADHD is that "it's not as bad" as childhood ADHD - that adults with ADHD have already figured out how to manage everything because they had childhood to practice those skills. In reality, many adults with ADHD do not feel the full force of the condition until adulthood, when they are now in charge of creating, implementing, and maintaining all of the structure in their lives.

Why did you join Agave Health as an ADHD Coach?

I specifically became an Agave Coach because this company shares the same values I do. They care about authenticity and compassion in a way that I have not experienced in my time at other companies.


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