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Rebecca Branham

Rebecca Branham is an ADHD Coach who uses a unique blend of subconscious rewiring and HELL-YES coaching to help you unwind your self-defeating behaviors & patterns while stabilizing healthy habits that last. As a master NLP practitioner, Holistic Health & Life Coach, RN, REBT & CBT practitioner, she uses those skills to help ADHDers get out of their way so they crush their goals. In addition to coaching for Agave, she runs two of her own businesses. You can find her in her Facebook community, Make ADHD Your Bitch: How to Thrive with ADHD.

ADHD Coach

Real Stories from Our Care Members

Step into the lives of our care members as they share their uplifting journeys of conquering ADHD challenges and achieving milestones, offering hope and strength to all.

We're dedicated to fostering a community where care members' stories of resilience and growth shine as guiding beacons for everyone touched by ADHD. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of mental health, one story at a time.

- Rebecca Branham


Blogs Written by Rebecca Branham

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Rebecca Branham

Feb 21, 2022

3 min

ADHD General Education

The protocol for refilling ADHD prescriptions has changed in some states, where it is now required to take a drug test to obtain the refill.

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Rebecca Branham

Feb 17, 2022

3 min

Self-Improvement & Well-Being

Agave Coach Vida Carey breaks the myth of ADHDers being poor academic performers and suggests ways to cope with a late diagnosis.

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Becca for CT.png

Rebecca Branham

Feb 10, 2022

3 min

Self-Improvement & Well-Being

Agave Coach Vida Carey shares important tips to keep in mind when your heart takes over with an ADHD brain as the sole restraint.

What our members say about Rebecca Branham

I have benefitted so much from my Agave coach's advice and tips. ADHD is a daily struggle but since joining Agave days have been so much easier. It's not as hard to take care of myself now.


I am so grateful for my Agave coach taking the time to listen to me. It makes me feel seen and like my concerns are valid. I am grateful to have someone understand me.


It is so reassuring to have my Agave coach by my side. Honestly, I think I'm the most balanced right now than I can ever remember being.


My partner doesn't struggle with ADHD and doesn't grasp how much the subsequent executive dysfunction affects my life. With medication not bringing the "aha" moment I hoped for, you have no idea how much the Agave help means to me.


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