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Overcoming Procrastination from ADHD

At Agave Health, we recognize the difficulty of tackling ADHD procrastination, especially when it is coupled with other symptoms. We provide specialized coaching services to assist our members in conquering procrastination and achieving their goals.

“My coach developed personalised strategies that helped me understand and tackle procrastination efficiently.”
Ella D.

How ADHD causes issues with procrastination

Is procrastination a sign of ADHD? Though procrastination on its own is not necessarily an indicator of ADHD, it can be a particularly difficult symptom that people with ADHD can deal with. While most people procrastinate at one point or another, those with ADHD can be particularly prone to habitual procrastination.

One common situation where ADHDers will likely procrastinate is during difficult or unpleasant tasks that cause them to struggle. Because these tasks often require a lot of focus while also providing little intrinsic reward for an ADHD brain, many people will end up overcompensating by avoiding the task altogether. This can be particularly difficult for professionals with ADHD trying to learn how to stop procrastinating at work.

It can also be difficult for a person with ADHD to get started on a project. With the various considerations and decisions that need to be made in the planning stages of a project, it can be overwhelming to sustain focus, causing many people to procrastinate.

One other reason for ADHD procrastination is the tendency to get sidetracked. When distractions invade your space or attractive new ideas flood your mind, it can make it a struggle to focus on the original project. Agave Health aims to help members understand how their ADHD symptoms contribute to their procrastination habits and develop personalized strategies to overcome it.

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How can Agave help you reduce procrastination?

Agave Health provides a range of tools and resources to help our members overcome their procrastination habits, including:


Certified Coaches

Agave Health's coaches provide customized assistance to help you meet your unique goals. This can be a tremendous help when it comes to achieving your objectives and creating long-term strategies for beating procrastination habits.

Weekly Online Visits

Our program offers weekly virtual consultations with a certified coach to review the progress you've made and to implement changes whenever necessary to help you reach the best results.


At Agave Health, we give you the tools and resources you need to fight procrastination. With the help of our one-on-one messaging with your coach, mood trackers, CBT resources, and more, you can enhance your overall quality of life.

CBT Programs

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs are useful to help you identify and change the negative behavioral patterns that lead you to procrastination.

Who is Agave Health for?

Our coaching services are particularly designed to help with procrastination stemming from ADHD, but Agave Health can help just about anyone who struggles with procrastination, no ADHD diagnosis required.

If you or someone you know deals with chronic procrastination or any ADHD symptoms that might be remedied by one of the following services, Agave Health might be able to help.

ADHD Coaching

Chat whenever, wherever with a certified ADHD coach. Gain more insights into the strategies and skills that will help you manage your symptoms more effectively.

Time Management

Conquer your schedule and to-do list to make the most out of each day without adding more stress.


Understand why the ADHD brain is prone to procrastination while finding methods to keep yourself on track and accountable for your important goals and commitments.

Emotional Regulation

Understand why ADHD emotions can sometimes spiral out of control and develop coping tools that help you regulate your emotions in a healthy way.

Focus & Attention

Strengthen your concentration and develop techniques that make it easier to accomplish focus-hungry tasks. Agave Health excels at teaching people with ADHD how to focus.

Work-Life Balance

Learn how to make your work as efficient as reasonably possible while still leaving time and energy for the people and pastimes you love.

Impulsivity & Hyperactivity

Find evidence-based methods of tempering impulsivity and making the best decisions available to you.

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What our members say

I have benefitted so much from my Agave coach's advice and tips. ADHD is a daily struggle but since joining Agave days have been so much easier. It's not as hard to take care of myself now.


I am so grateful for my Agave coach taking the time to listen to me. It makes me feel seen and like my concerns are valid. I am grateful to have someone understand me.


It is so reassuring to have my Agave coach by my side. Honestly, I think I'm the most balanced right now than I can ever remember being.


My partner doesn't struggle with ADHD and doesn't grasp how much the subsequent executive dysfunction affects my life. With medication not bringing the "aha" moment I hoped for, you have no idea how much the Agave help means to me.


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