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One membership,
holistic care

We believe care should be flexible, individually tailored, and accessible to all.

What’s included in the Agave membership

A monthly membership that cuts traditional care costs without compromising on quality.

In-depth Onboarding

Starting with an easy and thorough questionnaire to tailor your care

CBT Programs access

Immediately access a library of cognitive behavioral therapy programs

Matching with certified ADHD Coach

Weekly video visits & unlimited text-based coaching with a certified Coach

Interactive tools

Customizable toolbox to practice learned skills anytime, anywhere

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Per Month

7 days free trial & First month charged $149.99.
HSA/FSA charges accepted!

Cancel anytime.


I have benefitted so much from my Agave coach's advice and tips. ADHD is a daily struggle but since joining Agave days have been so much easier. It's not as hard to take care of myself now.


I am so grateful for my Agave coach taking the time to listen to me. It makes me feel seen and like my concerns are valid. I am grateful to have someone understand me.


It is so reassuring to have my Agave coach by my side. Honestly, I think I'm the most balanced right now than I can ever remember being.


My partner doesn't struggle with ADHD and doesn't grasp how much the subsequent executive dysfunction affects my life. With medication not bringing the "aha" moment I hoped for, you have no idea how much the Agave help means to me.


What our members say

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn’t find your questions? Write to us.

  • What’s a certified ADHD Coach?
    A certified ADHD Coach is a Health Coach with an additional training and certification in ADHD coaching specifically. All coaches at Agave Health come with extensive coaching background and successful track records in helping hundreds of adults with ADHD.
  • How is the Agave approach personalized?
    Agave's onboarding process allows us to match you with a coach that suits your needs. Throughout your journey with Agave, your coach accompanies you to make sure you reach meaningful milestones and get the most tailored support possible.
  • Is Agave Health covered by insurance?
    We accept flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA). Just use your FSA/HSA card as you would a regular credit card upon checkout.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Upon cancelling your membership, you will no longer be charged for following months. You can reactivate your membership at any later time.
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