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ADHD Coaching for Adults

At Agave Health, our ADHD coaching is designed to help you manage your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. Through these services, we can help you acquire the skills you need to reach your full potential.

Why work with an ADHD Coach?

ADHD coaching for adults can be helpful in several different ways. For one, your ADHD life coach can provide you with personalized support and guidance, allowing you to identify and overcome specific challenges you face with ADHD.

In addition to supporting you in the present, your ADHD coach can also give you the help you need to develop strategies moving forward to manage your symptoms and achieve your goals, whether your goals involve your career, relationships, or personal growth.

Another benefit you will find from working with an ADHD coach is accountability. Your coach can help you remain focused on your goals, holding you accountable for acting toward them. Along the way, your coach can help you identify and address any obstacles that might be getting in the way of your progress.

What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach is a life coach who specializes in assisting adults who have ADHD. ADHD coaches allow ADHDers to develop life skills and habits that make their lives more manageable while receiving individualized support and guidance to help them manage their day-to-day symptoms and achieve their personal goals. A coach can work with you to identify specific challenges related to ADHD, develop strategies for managing those challenges, and help you stay focused and accountable as you work towards your goals.

Choosing the right Coach

When choosing your coach, it's important to find not only someone who is accredited and well-reviewed but also someone who is a good fit for your unique needs and personality. Even though people with ADHD have a lot in common with one another, we're all individuals, so it's best to find an ADHD life coach who is experienced and uses a coaching style that resonates with you personally.

At Agave Health, we specifically select coaches with a solid track record of helping adults with ADHD control their symptoms and reduce the chaos in their lives. We also make a great effort to ensure you’re matched with a coach who best suits your needs while allowing you to switch to another coach if you ever feel like the fit isn’t right for you.

Getting the most from Coaching

To help you get the most you can from your ADHD coaching experience, we encourage you to be as open and honest as possible with your coach. Being able to share your daily struggles with your coach while also being receptive to the feedback and guidance they have to share is an excellent way to maximize your results and get more from the experience. 

When you do this, you'll find that you'll receive much more actionable and relevant advice and strategies to address the ADHD symptoms that bother you the most. It's also a healthy practice to set clear goals and expectations as you begin your sessions with your ADHD coach, as this lets you take a more active and present role in developing the strategies and methods that will help you manage your symptoms.

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ADHD Symptoms in Adults

ADHD can manifest in different ways in adults, but there are some common symptoms to be aware of. These include:

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Focus & Attention

Many adults with ADHD experience difficulty staying focused or paying attention, find that they are easily distracted, or experience bouts of forgetfulness. ADHD coaches at Agave Health can help you manage these symptoms through evidence-based techniques.

Time Management

Issues with time management is another common symptom of ADHD in adults that often manifests in difficulties with organization, prioritization, and meeting deadlines. See how your life coach can help you improve your time management skills.


For a variety of reasons, ADHD can make procrastination a chronic problem, and left unchecked, important opportunities, obligations, and deadlines can all get missed. Learn how Agave Health can assist you in combatting procrastination.

Emotional Regulation

Emotions are some of the strongest stimuli available to our bodies, so it can often be too easy for an ADHD brain to get carried away with strong emotions. Team up with your coach to get the help you need to regulate emotions with ADHD.

Impulsivity & Hyperactivity

Impulsive behavior and general restlessness are hallmark symptoms of ADHD, even in adulthood. Your ADHD life coach can work with you to help you make smart decisions and develop the techniques you need to avoid impulsivity.

Interpersonal Relationships

Difficulty with communication, relationship conflicts, and social awkwardness can all be common experiences for adults with ADHD. Speak with an ADHD life coach to understand your symptoms and create more meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Physical Health & Well-Being

The cycles of distraction, hyperfocus, and emotional dysregulation can get exhausting, and this can lead to difficulties with sleep, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. While most people struggle with one or more of these areas at certain points in their lives, those with ADHD might find them extra challenging. Talk to an ADHD coach for advice about your overall health and well-being.

How much does ADHD Coaching cost?

Those in the market for it may be concerned about what an ADHD coach costs. This will depend on several factors, including where you go for coaching, the services they offer, and what insurance covers, but consider the cost of a typical therapy session. In many areas, the minimal price for a single 1-hour session is often $150. With weekly visits, that can quickly add up to $600 in a month.

Agave Health’s comprehensive membership provides non-stop coaching for just $99.99, eligible for HSA and FSA payments, with the first month at only $19.99 to ensure you can test out the service.

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Per Month

7 days free trial & First month charged $19.99.
HSA/FSA charges accepted!

Cancel anytime.

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What our members say

I have benefitted so much from my Agave coach's advice and tips. ADHD is a daily struggle but since joining Agave days have been so much easier. It's not as hard to take care of myself now.


I am so grateful for my Agave coach taking the time to listen to me. It makes me feel seen and like my concerns are valid. I am grateful to have someone understand me.


It is so reassuring to have my Agave coach by my side. Honestly, I think I'm the most balanced right now than I can ever remember being.


My partner doesn't struggle with ADHD and doesn't grasp how much the subsequent executive dysfunction affects my life. With medication not bringing the "aha" moment I hoped for, you have no idea how much the Agave help means to me.


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