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How to Manage Hyper Fixations Related to Eating Habits in People with ADHD

It can cause difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors, for some people with ADHD, this can manifest itself as hyper fixations – when a person becomes overly focused on one particular activity or interest. This can be especially true when it comes to eating habits. Here’s an overview of the causes of hyper fixation related to eating habits in people with ADHD, as well as strategies for managing these behaviors.

What Is Hyper fixation?

Hyper fixation is a term used to describe when someone focuses intensely on one particular activity or interest—usually for extended periods of time—in order to the point where other activities are neglected or ignored.

Hyper fixes can involve anything from playing video games for hours on end, binge-watching television shows all day long, or fixating obsessively on certain foods and snacks and eating them in large amounts until they are gone.

People with ADHD are especially prone to hyper fixes because of their tendency towards impulsivity and lack of self-regulation skills. The result is that they may become obsessed with certain foods or snacks at the expense of healthy eating habits.

How Are Hyper fixations Related To Eating Habits?

People with ADHD are more likely to experience hyper-fixations related to eating habits due to their brain's need for stimulation and difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors.

Additionally, executive function issues can lead people with ADHD to struggle with planning meals ahead of time or making healthy choices when it comes to what they eat.

As a result, people with ADHD are at risk of developing unhealthy eating habits such as bingeing on unhealthy snacks throughout the day or skipping meals altogether due to a lack of planning and impulse control issues around food intake.

Strategies to Manage Hyper Fixations Related To Eating Habits:

There are strategies people with ADHD can use to manage their hyper-focused eating habits such as:

  • setting time limits for themselves when it comes to food consumption

  • planning new activities each day

  • staying connected with others

  • addressing root causes such as anxiety

  • eating throughout the day by keeping snacks handy

  • identifying triggers that lead them toward unhealthy eating habits

  • making healthy lifestyle changes such as incorporating exercise into their daily routines

  • getting enough sleep each night

  • eating nutritiously balanced meals throughout the day

When you combine these strategies with the Agave Health App’s CBT programs and in-app ADHD coaching, you will be able to develop healthier eating and lifestyle habits quicker than you would on your own.

It's important for people living with ADHD who struggle to manage their hyper-focused eating habits to understand why these behaviors occur so they can find effective strategies for managing them long-term.

All of the above are examples of great possible ways for managing hyper-focused eating habits in those living with ADHD so they don't fall victim to unhealthy patterns that could lead them down a dangerous path in life if left unchecked.

By implementing some of these strategies, you will be able to take steps towards developing healthier eating habits despite the challenges associated with having ADHD!


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