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Top 10 ADHD-Friendly Christmas Gifts

We’ve asked the Agave Health Care Team what are the best ADHD-friendly Christmas gifts, and put together the ultimate shortlist. This is the year you give your beloved ADHDer the perfect gift!

December 2022, Agave Health Team

Every year the dilemma starts again… What should I gift them? What would blow their mind? Well, there’s nothing more touching than a gift that embraces your uniqueness. And if your loved one’s uniqueness is ADHD, look no further! Here’s the short list of the best gifts for adults with ADHD according to the Agave Health Care Team.

#1: Bullet Journal & Supplies

Having ADHD often means that you thrive in structure, but also struggle to build that structure. Some like to journal their thoughts, or use notebooks to plan their day. To make it funky and interesting, there’s nothing like the ability to color and personalize a good old bullet journal!

Ideal for: the ADHDer who loves to make lists or journal their thoughts.

Price range: low / medium.

#2: Glass Insulated Coffee Mug

You wake up. You’re looking forward to that warm first sip of coffee. You make the coffee. Oh you have to get ready! Brush your teeth, shower, get dressed, prepare your bag for work… Wait - didn’t you make coffee twenty minutes ago? Sounds familiar? Well, if this is your ADHDer’s morning routine (or yours?), a glass insulated coffee mug or coffee warmer might be the ideal Christmas gift! Our coaches swear by the Ember mug.

Ideal for: the forgetful ADHDer who's a good old coffee lover.

Price range: medium / high.

#3: Deep Cleaning Housekeeper

Your beloved ADHDer is amazing, loving, smart, creative, fun, and… messy. Well, you’re not alone, it’s a very common trait of ADHDers to struggle with keeping things organized and clean. It might not sound fancy or sexy, but for that ADHDer, bringing in a deep cleaning housekeeper can be the best gift you can give them. And it doesn’t mean you have to sign up for sponsoring this service forever - even just doing the research and finding the cleaner is already a huge help and shows how much you love your favorite ADHDer!

Ideal for: the messy ADHDer who would really enjoy a nicely clean and organized home.

Price range: medium.

#4: Fidget Toys

You’re in a conversation, and your favorite ADHDer seems uninterested. Why? This leg that’s jumping up and down, those fingers that tap on the table. It’s irritating, and when you ask about why they’re uninterested they say “Not at all! Keep going!”. Well, the solution for this might be this tiny little thing - a good old fidget toy! Get them a couple of them, and boy will you be giving them the peace of mind they were craving for.

Ideal for: the fidgety ADHDer who means well.

Price range: low.

#5: Tile or AirTags

Do you have everything you need in your bag before leaving the house? For sure! Oh, wait, my keys. Where are my keys? Oh, and my wallet. Wait, where did I leave it? Oh, and my headphones. Wait, did I take them back from the office yesterday?

If this sounds like your favorite ADHDer (or yourself), you will blow their mind by giving them a Tile or AirTag. It may be tiny, but has a huge impact. No more looking around for those things they will for sure spread around the house, always in a different place.

Ideal for: the messy ADHDer who leaves their stuff in random places.

Price range: high.

#6: Weighted Blanket

After a long, tiring, or emotional day, we all look for some reassurance. There’s nothing better than to come home, put on sweatpants and get under a big cozy blanket with a warm mug of hot chocolate. Do you know what makes this even more relaxing though? A weighted blanket! The weight helps simulate a hug, which helps your ADHDer relax and feel safer.

Ideal for: the ADHDer who gets emotional or overwhelmed.

Price range: medium.

#7: Ear Plugs

You haven’t fully understood ADHD if you haven’t heard about hypersensitivity. Often, this comes in the form of sensitivity to noise. If your ADHDer has this difficulty, it can be much more overwhelming and paralyzing than one can imagine. Earplugs can be the easy fix they need to get this hypersensitivity under control, and is a very thoughtful gift that shows compassion and empathy. We hear many Agave members love the Loop earplugs for that.

Ideal for: the ADHDer who’s extra sensitive to noise.

Price range: medium / high.

#8: Subscription to Brain Food Playlists

One of the most impactful things for an ADHDer who struggles with focus and distraction, especially at work when working alone, is to find those little things that help them isolate the triggers. Science has advanced well in that area, and you can find today high quality playlists that are truly the brain food those ADHDers need to help them find the focus they miss. Our Agave Health Coaches swear by for that.

Ideal for: the ADHDer who struggles to get into a focus zone.

Price range: medium.

#9: Paper Tablet

Thoughts are flowing through their brilliant brain, and your ADHDer scribbles notes left and right, enough to find those pieces of paper anywhere in the house from the desk to the bathroom to inside the freezer! Happens to you as well? Well, the paper tablet might be exactly what they need to get this all kept in a single place, without thinking twice. They scribble on it like on a piece of paper, and everything gets kept into this single place, our beloved cloud. One of Agave’s co-founders already bought it for her amazing ADHDer husband this year! (Shhh, it’s his Christmas surprise!)

Ideal for: the ADHDer who scribbles all the time.

Price range: high.

#10: First Aid Kit

Let’s say it like it is: ADHD often comes with clumsiness. And with clumsiness come all those little bumps, cuts, and other small injuries. Every time, it’s the same story: the injury happens, and you’re missing those simple items that would allow you to clean it up and cover it quickly. Ah, you must buy that first aid kit, so it doesn’t happen the next time around. Then comes the next time. Where’s that kit again?

Show your love for your favorite clumsy ADHDer and get them a first aid kit! A small gift with a big heart, you can even personalize it by getting one that’s stylized.

Ideal for: the clumsy ADHDer who really needs that bandaid.

Price range: low.

And here you have it! Now let's get shopping, Christmas is around the corner!


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