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Closing January with Great Intentions for the Year Ahead

Agave ADHD Coach Danielle Ralston shares four tips to close January with good vibes and transform it into a kickoff for a year of productivity, motivation, and ADHD joy.

January 2023, Danielle Ralston, ADHD Coach @ Agave Health

January is one of the most challenging months of the year for many ADHDers. We feel frustrated that we have already given up on our New Year's resolutions. Maybe, that's because you didn't read our previous blog on ADHD New Year Resolutions: How to Set and Achieve Them. It's also one of the coldest (at least for much of the US) and darkest dreary months of the year. We have the overwhelming December holiday season just before this, coming off is a letdown, and transitioning to get back to a routine is frustrating at best.

But I am here to tell you it is possible to make January a successful month with just a few easy tips to follow!

1) Do something to take care of your body, and engage in soul care

We often forget that our body needs extra special care because we do everything we do each day, especially with our brains going in a million directions at once.

Our body needs two kinds of care: self-care and soul care.

Self-care is the simple things to take care of our bodies: eating meals, showering, brushing our teeth, and getting enough sleep... the basic necessities that are needed daily. These necessities feed your body so your brain can function at its optimum level.

Soul care is the deeper care we need for our mental health and the ability to recover when frustrations and anxiety overwhelm us. Soul care can be things like a massage, a squirrel day (a day where you can let your brain explore everything that makes you happy), a day in total silence, or a girl's night. The things that refresh and renew your body and soul. These might not need to be done daily, but most of us need a recharge at least once a week.

2) Find Support and Understanding

Having someone who truly understands how your brain works is crucial to not feeling alone in daily chaos, anxiety, and frustration with life.

Having an ADHD coach like those of us here at Agave Health, who understands how to support and guide you with tips, life tricks, and understanding how to navigate your life, is priceless.

Our body needs two kinds of care: self-care and soul care.

3) Take Frequent Dopamine Breaks

Understanding that not every second of the day needs to be productive and that you will get a lot more done when you take frequent dopamine breaks helps each day be less overwhelming.

What do dopamine breaks look like? Well, here are a few things that we have helped Agave members create in their days:

  • Doing one task and then getting up and stretching, taking a dance party break, or getting something to eat.

  • Doing some deep breathing exercise that also includes some releasing of tension.

  • Taking a video game break (we suggest setting a timer, so you don't get hyper-focused)

  • Take a social media break and watch reels or Tiktok videos (we suggest setting a timer here as well)

  • Having a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee

These are just a sample of how we help our members discover what works for them and their dopamine needs.

4) Add Music

Turning on the tunes can help you get a sense of deeper focus when you are having difficulty focusing. Some of my favorite types of music to help me get focused:

  • 40hrZ Brain Binaural Beats

  • Movie soundtracks help my brain find some calm and keep me motivated on my work.

  • Focus Music - that's it. Just type that in on YouTube, Spotify or whatever platform you listen to music from, and you will find so many options!

Recovering from holiday craziness and winter blues doesn't have to be a recipe for exhaustion and depression. January can kick off a year of fun, productivity, and motivation with a few simple tips!


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