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ADHD News Review - December 22nd, 2022

Every week, the Agave Health Team picks 5 news pieces about ADHD which we find interesting. Here's your pick for this week!

December 2022, Agave Health Team

ADHD Medication News

The Hill reports that political intervention attempts are under way to resolve the Adderall shortage

Fierce Healthcare shares news of the DEA alleging Truepill illegally dispensed stimulant medication for ADHD

US News reports that recent studies indicate that children who potentially have ADHD are unevenly medicated, with the youngest in the class being overmedicated

The ADHD Personal Stories We Relate To

Additude features a personal of the annual Christmas ADHD meltdown we can all relate to

This Week's ADHD Fun Facts

Psychology Today dives into left-handedness and ADHD - it turns out neurodivergents have a higher chance of being left-handed than neurotypicals


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