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Discover Dopamenus: A Fun and Effective Way to Boost Your Dopamine

What is a Dopamenu?

ADHD makes it tricky stay focused and moving on projects and tasks. Enter the Dopamenu—your new best friend for keeping on track. But what is a Dopamenu and why should I care?

Dopamenu (Dopamine + Menu = Dopamenu): a personalized tool for you to get the dopamine you need to work, focus, move, and make memories!

Understanding Dopamine and Its Importance

First things first, what is dopamine? Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel excited and pleased when you do things you enjoy, like hugging your pet, hanging out with friends, or munching on your favorite snack. Dopamine is also a key player in helping you focus, move smoothly, and even form memories for learning.

Those of us with ADHD have brains that don’t get enough dopamine resulting in it being difficult to stay focused on tasks. This can leave us feeling like we are lazy and wondering why we can’t stay focused. 

That’s where a Dopamenu comes in!

Ready to make your own? Visit How to Create Your Own Dopamenu

How a Dopamenu Helps You

Creating and using a Dopamenu has some pretty awesome benefits, especially if you have ADHD:

  • Improved Focus and Motivation: Engaging in activities and coping strategies that boost dopamine helps with concentration and with motivation!

  • Regulation: Doing things you love regularly can help keep your mood positive and support emotional regulation.

  • Movement: Dopamine also supports your physical coordination.

  • Learning Retention: Dopamine also supports making memories which is key in retaining information and learning.

Finally, Dopamenus reduce the mental load when you need to find something stimulating to do when your dopamine drops. You spend less time figuring out how to support yourself, and more time giving yourself what you need to get back to your day!

Have you ever created a Dopamenu? We’d love to hear and see your menus! Comment on this post to share yours!


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