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Increasing Motivation in ADHD Adults Through Novelty, Urgency, and Interest

For adults with ADHD, finding the right motivation to complete tasks can be difficult because it affects your ability to focus and manage emotions. Using concepts like dopamine hacking, novelty, urgency, and interest can help increase motivation levels in those with ADHD.

The Power of Novelty

For adults with ADHD, introducing something new into our daily routine can be a powerful way to motivate us to keep going. Achieving goals is hard work, so breaking up the monotony with something fresh and exciting every once in a while is essential and fun. For example, if you're working on a project for your job that requires tedious paperwork, try breaking it up by taking a short break during which you do something completely different such as playing a game or listening to music. This will refresh your mind and remotivate your focus on the task.

Using Urgency as Motivation

Another beneficial tool for increasing motivation is urgency. Give yourself deadlines for completing tasks or set up reminders on your phone or computer so you have no choice but to finish what you set out to do within a certain amount of time. This will force you to push through any difficulty or fatigue to reach your goal before the deadline arrives. It also helps if you make sure that the deadlines are realistic; setting too stringent may only lead to frustration and discouragement if they still need to be met.

The Value of Interest

Finally, an interest in something often leads to increased motivation and productivity in adults with ADHD. If a task is mundane or complex for you because it lacks excitement or challenge, find ways to add interest to it by researching the subject matter or coming up with creative solutions that will make it more enjoyable and rewarding for yourself. Doing this will give you more incentive to complete the task instead of putting it off until later because there is something tangible at stake—adding value and fulfillment through personal interest!

Hacking your Dopamine

Have you ever felt like you need more motivation or energy to do something, no matter how much you want to do it? You know what needs to be done, and you even have a plan of action, but something is holding you back. Could it be because your dopamine is low?

The dopamine system is a crucial part of our brains that affects almost all aspects of behavior. It is involved in reward-motivated behavior, learning, motivation, and decision-making. It also plays a role in pleasure and satisfaction when we do something that makes us feel good. The better understanding we have of our dopamine systems, the more control we can have over our behaviors and feelings.

Increasing motivation with ADHD doesn't have to be complicated; simple changes like incorporating novelty into one's daily routine, using urgency as motivation, learning how to hack into our dopamine creation to complete tasks quickly yet efficiently, and adding personal interest into mundane tasks can all go a long way toward helping individuals achieve their goals without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged along the way.

Here at AGAVE, we GET YOU because we are you, and we can show you how we find success each day because we have spent the time to learn how to THRIVE with ADHD every day.


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