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Boosting Productivity with Body Doubling and Accountability Groups at Agave Health

At Agave Health, we understand the challenges of staying focused and productive, especially for those managing ADHD. To help, we offer two great options: Weekly Body Doubling Sessions and Accountability Groups. Each has its unique approach to helping you get things done. Here’s a simple breakdown of what they are and how they can help you.

What is Body Doubling?

Body Doubling is a straightforward concept where you work alongside someone else. You don’t need to be doing the same tasks or even talk about what you’re working on. The idea is that having someone else there working too helps you stay focused and avoid distractions. Our virtual Body Doubling Sessions let you join others from the Agave community for a set time to work on your own tasks. This is helpful because:

- It sharpens focus: Just seeing someone else also working helps you concentrate better.

- It motivates you: Being around others who are working hard encourages you to do the same.

- It provides structure: Having a set time for these sessions helps you plan your day.

Body Doubling is great if you find that simply having another person working at the same time helps you stick to your tasks.

How Do Accountability Groups Work?

Accountability Groups use the power of community to keep you motivated. Unlike Body Doubling, these groups involve more interaction, where you talk about your tasks and progress. They provide:

- Extra motivation: Knowing you’ll share your progress can push you to complete your tasks.

- Supportive environment: You can share both struggles and successes, which helps build a supportive community.

- Learning opportunities: You might learn new tips and strategies from hearing how others handle their tasks.

Accountability Groups are ideal if you like getting feedback and find motivation in discussing your goals with others.

Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice between Body Doubling and Accountability Groups depends on what helps you work best:

- Pick Body Doubling if: You prefer a quiet work environment where simply knowing others are also working helps you focus.

- Go for Accountability Groups if: You enjoy talking about your tasks and feel motivated by interacting with others who are also working towards their goals.

Can You Participate in Both?

Absolutely! Many of our members find combining Body Doubling Sessions with Accountability Groups gives them the best of both worlds. You can enjoy focused, quiet work time alongside the motivational boost of sharing and discussing progress with the group.

Whether you need the quiet companionship of Body Doubling or the interactive support of Accountability Groups, or even a combination of both, Agave Health offers ways to increase your productivity in a structured and supportive setting. Try them out and see how much more you can achieve with the right support!

Join us at Agave Health and discover how you can boost your productivity in a way that suits your style. Let’s get more done together!


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