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Meet The Coaches: Rebecca Branham

Meet Rebecca Branham, ADHD Coach at Agave Health! Learn more about her background, what inspires her and how she helps countless adults with ADHD find their uniqueness and thrive.

April 2023, Agave Health Team

How long have you been an ADHD Coach?

I've been a coach for almost 6 years so technically that long. However, I didn't know I was ADHD until a few years ago. ONce I started researching it I realized all of my clients are also ADHD and what I was helping them through was common ADHD challenges, especially health, emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships.

What has been your personal experience with ADHD?

I've always been the person who has a gajillion things going on between multiple jobs at once, college, training of some sort, multiple businesses, and family - I thought it was normal to just be that person. Masking had been something I relied heavily on until the last few years as I learned to accept myself. As a parent, it's been challenging trying to support my daughter because I see so much of her in me yet she needs different levels of support than my other son.

Why did you become an ADHD Coach?

Because I wanted to help other people get out of their own way and create healthier, sustainable behaviors. I wanted to empower others to show up for themselves in ways that they hadn't before and help them create that path. I was tired of being boxed in and I knew others were too.

There is nothing wrong with you. You're not broken.

Why do you think ADHD Coaching helps people with ADHD?

Because it's their chance to finally be seen and heard as a whole person who is not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. You're not broken. Just because the 'normal' way of doing and being doesn't work for you doesn't mean that what all those people have said is true. Being able to take their power back is a huge deal for those with ADHD because they've given it away to so many people over the years. It's time to take your power back and own who you are.

What is the biggest misconception about adult ADHD in your opinion?

That we're lazy. We are anything but lazy. Even when we need to melt into the couch or the floor here and there (or a lot) it's because our mind never stops and our emotions are always going. We are like the energy bunny in our own way.

Why did you join Agave Health as an ADHD Coach?

Because I wanted to be able to have a bigger impact than what my private mentoring was allowing me to do. I wanted to be able to make my gifts and services more accessible but not have to create the system to do it. Agave had the system and I have my zone of genius, when I saw the opportunity it was a hell yes for me. What we do is life changing.


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