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Meet the Coaches: Kristina Proctor

Meet Kristina Proctor, ADHD Coach at Agave Health! Learn more about her background, what inspires her and how she helps adults with ADHD.

How long have you been an ADHD Coach?

I’ve been an ADHD coach full-time for 2 years. I started out coaching in my corporate roles for colleagues and members of my team which later morphed into leading training sessions for the company’s training and development team. My coaching grew from there!

What has been your personal experience with ADHD?

I was late-diagnosed. So many of the challenges I faced in life could have been supported with small modifications had I known earlier. It impacts every area of my life from relationships to career, and communications to my coordination. Once I learned about my ADHD, I started peeling back the layers of what I could control, what needed support, and what was just part of the ADHD experience. I haven’t stopped since!

Why did you become an ADHD Coach?

I became an ADHD coach because I struggled to work with my ADHD at work and in my personal life. I didn’t have the resources or support tools.

I was diagnosed by accident and the providers told me that I had a higher chance of addiction and since I had been able to ‘keep a job’ I must have been ‘doing fine’. That’s it: no tools or recommendations.

The truth is, I wasn’t doing fine. I was struggling. I slowly started learning how to support my ADHD needs through tools, supports, coping strategies, and exploration. I became a coach so others didn’t have to take on this journey alone.

Why do you think ADHD Coaching helps people with ADHD?

I KNOW that coaching helps because I’ve seen it work! Learning about how your brain works and how the world wasn’t built for brains like ours gives you a perspective you didn’t have before. It’s empowering and relieving. It gives you permission to see what you can do for yourself to make your world supportive and engaging for your ADHD needs.

What is the biggest misconception about adult ADHD in your opinion?

That we are LAZY… I’m sorry, but have you met an ADHDer under a deadline? We aren’t lazy. Our brains aren’t activated the same as someone who doesn’t have ADHD. Instead of shame, we can ask “How can I activate my brain to get X done?” Our brains are activated by urgency, novelty, passion or interest, and competition. Instead of falling into the “lazy” message, let’s seek how we can activate our brains to get momentum to start the project!

Why did you join Agave Health as an ADHD Coach?

I joined Agave Health because it’s all about supporting ADHDers where they are!


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