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Meet the Coaches: Andrew Brawner

Meet Andrew Brawner, ADHD Coach at Agave Health! Learn more about his background, what inspires him and how he helps adults with ADHD.

How long have you been an ADHD Coach?

For the past three years, I've proudly worn my coaching cape, guiding others through the fantastical labyrinth of ADHD. Navigating this journey has felt akin to embarking on a quest with a troupe of spirited adventurers, each equipped with their own distinctive challenges and quirks. Together, we've delved into mysteries, triumphed over formidable distractions, and unearthed precious treasures of focus and resilience.

What has been your personal experience with ADHD?

Let's rewind to the days of bumping into door frames and wondering how I got those bruises. As a late-diagnosed ADHDer, I always felt like a puzzle piece from a different set—not the kind that makes you feel like a unicorn, but more like a quirky side character in a whimsical story.

School was a tale of IEPs and 504 plans, with remedial classes one after another. Graduating high school with a 2.6 GPA wasn't exactly flying colors, but I made it to college, partly thanks to my ability to kick a round object into a net.

College was a winding six-year journey filled with late assignments and a struggle with prioritization. Often seen as lazy and uninspired, I sought answers from a neurologist but missed appointments and drifted for eight years. Finally, at 30, I received an ADHD diagnosis. This was a bittersweet revelation—like finding the last piece to my puzzle while realizing I'd missed out on a few turns.

Now battle-tested and armed with an abundant supply of ADHD strategies, I'm here to lead and support my ADHD community through every twist and turn of their journey.

Why did you become an ADHD Coach?

I chose to become an ADHD coach because I want to help others like me. We may need some extra polishing, but we possess unique skills and talents waiting to be unleashed. Sometimes, gaining a fresh perspective from someone else can shift our outlook and reveal hidden potentials we never knew were there.

Why do you think ADHD Coaching helps people with ADHD?

ADHD can feel like riding rollerblades down a steep hill with no brakes—we're moving forward, hoping it's the right direction, and sometimes unable to stop or change course. As social creatures, we thrive in safe havens where we can freely express ourselves. Having someone who truly understands us makes us feel more at ease.

Many of us think out loud, and sharing our trials helps unravel our thoughts and invites fresh perspectives. As people with ADHD, we can be our toughest critics. Sometimes, we need a gentle guide to lead us toward the light, embracing this journey with curiosity and turning struggles into extraordinary adventures.

ADHD coaching provides that safe haven and understanding guide. It offers a space to express ourselves, think out loud, and gain new perspectives. Coaches help us navigate challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and extraordinary adventures.

What is the biggest misconception about adult ADHD in your opinion?

That ADHD is the same for everyone who has it. ADHD is a unique journey for each of us, existing on a spectrum where challenges vary in intensity and nature. What works for one person may not work for another, and that's perfectly okay. We all have diverse strengths and talents waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

Living with ADHD is like embarking on a personal adventure—part explorer, part detective—uncovering our true selves along the way. While there's guidance to navigate the world, real success comes from embracing our differences and finding ways to thrive authentically, rather than conforming to rigid norms.

Let's celebrate the diversity of experiences within the ADHD community and embrace the beauty of our individual paths.

Why did you join Agave Health as an ADHD Coach?

I joined Agave because I missed the sense of being part of a team. Having played sports throughout my life, I've always thrived in collaborative environments more than individual pursuits. I'm passionate about making positive changes that gradually enhance the lives of individuals, families, and beyond.

Agave aligns perfectly with what I've identified as my life's purpose, providing me with the tools, the community, and the ideal opportunity to fulfill that purpose. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and excited to contribute to meaningful transformations.


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