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Meet The Coaches: Danielle Ralston

Meet Danielle Ralston, ADHD Coach at Agave Health! Learn more about her background, what inspires her and how she helps countless adults with ADHD find their uniqueness and thrive.

April 2023, Agave Health Team

How long have you been an ADHD Coach?

I have been a coach for almost 20 years now, long before it was a COOL thing to do. Coaching was the thing I wish I had had 30-plus years ago.

What has been your personal experience with ADHD?

It has taken me 20+ years to learn how to be in the driver’s seat with my ADHD. Learning to be consistent was a hard journey to find the path for me. Daily I HAVE to have accountability and support and reminders to use the tools and systems I set up in order to have less chaos. Without those daily reminders, I get nothing done (or next to).

Why did you become an ADHD Coach?

I was sick of the chaos in every area of my life and head. My life was falling apart; everything caused RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria) and shame. I lost a HUGE client for my co-owned company, and my son was also out of control, and we were in the process of getting him diagnosed. I was sick of hearing it’s just your ADHD. There is nothing you can do about it. I knew that was a lame excuse and was determined to change my life.

We need compassion, understanding, and practical skills to thrive with our ADHD.

Why do you think ADHD Coaching helps people with ADHD?

Because we need compassion, understanding, and practical skills to thrive with our ADHD, and no one has been teaching that for years. We have been told how harmful ADHD is and what it does (but not accurately) and Coaching has changed that tune. Coaching is about acknowledging the issues that ADHD causes in our lives and finding the best tools to work alongside our brains.

What is the biggest misconception about adult ADHD in your opinion?

That we are just hyperactive and lazy. There are so many deeper things that affect our lives. Anxiety isn’t its own thing. It is part of ADHD in many cases, and we are highly functioning!

Why did you join Agave Health as an ADHD Coach?

I do not have the skills to build the platform but want to reach and help ADHD adults accept, grow and thrive, and there is no way to do this on my own. Agave has given me the ability to work with more people in all walks of life!


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